Best Blogging Websites

Part I of my personal web projects. Back in 2012, when I was in full expansion, I bought the domain, got a logo, a template and set it up. Then I did nothing at all until now. I added some links to each of the categories, but it definitely needs some updating, so if […]

Jamie Northrup's New Blog Post Checklist

As promised when I released my LinkedIn Checklist a few months ago, I’ve decided to start creating new checklists for different internet marketing, money making, social networking and blogging activities. Each checklist will have a blog post associated with it that will describe each item on the checklist and the checklists will soon be regrouped […]

10 Blogging Commitments I Need to Follow!

Most of us are guilty of knowing exactly what needs to be done to run a successful blog, but we don’t always follow through on it each and every time as we should. I have decided that I need to follow these blogging commitments if I want my blogs to be successes and if I […]