Hello Function

In my first edition of #FollowFriday, I’m sharing a website I discovered through Pinterest, which is where I discover most posts, people, websites, ideas and everything else lately! I came across Hello Function through this pin: It combined both my love for checklists, and branding. Their website has an amazingly clean design, and the Hello […]

Just Ordered my Free 100 Moo Business Cards

Back on June 6th, I won a contest at Inspiredology and the prize was 100 Moo business cards with free shipping. It took me a month and two days to actually put my order through, mostly in part to me waiting on my new logo for my personal brand, but it is now officially done […]

10 Great Online Logo Design Resources

Whenever the time comes to find a logo, either for a project of my own or one for a customer, I have to figure which road I want to go down. I can do it myself, hire someone I know to do, outsource it to someone I don’t know, or get a logo design company […]