The New!

It’s been almost a year since my last post, and for the past 5 years or so, my extended absences between posts have been a regular thing that I’m working on changing. I’ve set many goals for myself and my websites, and because of so many reasons, I haven’t achieved my goals. 2012 was my […]

Two Years Later, I'm Back Again!

It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted anything on here, and honestly I haven’t done much at all on any of my websites, only worked on my clients websites. The reason is pretty simple, I went from having no kids and an easy job, to having 2 kids and a more challenging position […]

Pardon The Mess, The Transition Has Begun!

Image Courtesy of Designious. Today, September 6th 2011, is the day the new website goes up. I wasn’t going to do it until Friday, but I will be doing the switch to the new logo and theme later today, so in advance I would like to apologize for the mess since the old posts probably […]

And the Winning WordPress Theme is…

After months of searching, and trying hundreds of WordPress themes (premium and free), I finally chose my top 10 candidates back on July 11th, and now finally today I’m convinced I have my winner. For about 3 weeks following my post on July 11th, I was sure I had my winner picked, and it was […]

Which WordPress Theme Should I Pick?

As you know, I’m redesigning my Jamie Northrup brand, with a new logo that has recently been created, and now I’m focusing on the new website design. I’ve gone through about 500 premium WordPress themes, and have it down to these 10. Before I share my list of my favorite WordPress themes from my new […]

Just Ordered my Free 100 Moo Business Cards

Back on June 6th, I won a contest at Inspiredology and the prize was 100 Moo business cards with free shipping. It took me a month and two days to actually put my order through, mostly in part to me waiting on my new logo for my personal brand, but it is now officially done […]

The New Jamie Northrup Logo is Done!

I told you a couple weeks ago about the things I’m currently working on, and one of them was designing a new logo for my personal brand, both offline and online, and I have finally decided on a logo, as you can see above in a sneak preview. The eBook is coming along as well […]

5 Things I'm Working on Right Now!

You may have noticed a lower number of posts on all my websites, and none here since June 1st, well it isn’t because I’m away, but because I’m so busy working on so many great things, and although some are almost complete, I’m waiting for all of them to be completed as they are linked, […]

The website is complete for now.

I took the time this past week to “complete” the website. A website is never really complete, but what I mean is that the homepage, contact me, about me and services pages are all up and running, to join the blog and portfolio pages that were already up and running. Now make sure you check […]

My portfolio is up and running, check it out!

Since the new website went live on August 26th a lot of things have been happening that have kept me from progressing the site the way that I would’ve liked to, however I was able to get some done today.

Welcome to the new!

After thinking long and hard, I’ve decided to redesign my “personal” website to become less of an automated useless website to what you see now which is meant to develop my “personal brand”.