Ten Great Posts About Blog Comments

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This is the 12th post in a series of seventeen posts I’m doing following Kim Roach’s list post of “17 Copy-And-Paste Blog Post Templates“. You can see all the posts from this series on my blogging challenges page.


It’s no secret, I love to comment on blogs, I do it any chance I get. There are advantages to blog commenting beyond just the actual discussion aspect of it, but that’s the main reason I love to comment, to talk to people.

I have also increased the amount of content about blog commenting recently on this blog, and I actually have a new blog commenting service that will be released soon, and it’s ethical, at least I think it is!

In the meantime I’ve compiled a list of ten great posts about blog comments, from fellow members of the Blog Engage community, feel free to vote, comment and share them also. If you aren’t a member of Blog Engage, you should join now, there is no better blogging community out there!

Ten Great Posts About Blog Comments

101 Proven Ways to Get More Blog Comments
Awesome list post over at GrowWithStacy.com, it doesn’t go into detail for all 101 ways, but it’s simple and easy to understand. The perfect type of post to print and keep handy!
10 Guidelines to Get Benefits from Blog Commenting
Common sense rules to follow when posting comments in the blogosphere, follow them or suffer the consequences!
How To Build Relationships Through Blog Comments
Adrienne sure knows how to get comments out of her readers, and she shares just how she does it with this post which got over 100 comments.
20+ Sure Shot Ways To Reduce SPAM Comments
Great post on how to limit how many spam comments make it through to your blog without having to manually going through them all.
7-Day Link Building Strategy with Commenting
One of the types of blog posts I love to read involves strategies people use, this one is a 7 day blog commenting strategy. I usually take pieces from different strategies to make my own, that’s how inspiring and eye-opening reading other peoples strategies can be.
How to Triple Your Blog Comments Today
Who doesn’t want more blog comments, I will be implementing Ryan’s second tip this week, and the first one at some point in the near future.
Blog Commenting: What It Has Done For Me & What It Can Do For You
Kharim shares some of the advantages of blog commenting on this blog post, share more advantages with him if you have some.
Is Purchasing Comment Backlinks a Good Idea?
I think we all agree it’s not ethical, but if you don’t care about that, is it really any good for your blog?
What Most People Mess Up in Blog Commenting
Kira shares a key tip if you are using commenting to create backlinks to increase your search engine rankings.
You’re only as Good as your Comments
Guest post by Gautam from a couple years ago on Famous Bloggers, speaks to the different types of comments and how to handle them.

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