The Very First Blog Post

The Very First Blog Post

August 26th 2010, that’s the date of the first post on this blog, I stated then that I expected to post 2-3 times a week, and considering that’s almost 450 weeks ago, and I only have a total 102 posts, I really didn’t come close to my expectations.

This is my third post in three days now, so I’m really off to a good start, but I’m not popping any bottles of Champagne just yet!

Back then, I had 8 different (personal, not counting customer) websites, and then I grew that to over 20 when I was in my prime, but then the kids came along and the web business went on the back burner for a but, but it’s back now.

I’ve now reduced my personal websites down to lucky number 7, and although the ideas for new sites keep coming to me, I’ve managed to fight the urge to increase that number so that I can invest more time, money and effort into these projects.

This website is my main blog, my web home, and is where I will be posting the most. I also have two image focused blogs that I plan on making new posts each day. Of the remaining 4 websites, two don’t have blogs, and the other two have blogs that only need a post every month or two.

Adding guest posting, networking, marketing, creating other content and managing the business as a whole, it’s quite a workload! But I love a challenge!

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