Three months later, I'm back to web working!

First off let me apologize for not being extremely active for the past 3 months, I haven’t updated this website at all, but also haven’t updated much of my 8 other websites also.

After having an amazing October and November in 2010, I got caught up taking on too many projects, getting sick, and well the holidays!

I can honestly say I’m looking to make March 2011 my number 1 month of all times, and we are only the 2nd day and it’s already looking great.

I’m thinking of going from 9 websites down to 7, as there are 2 that aren’t performing, and that I’m not really motivated to keep going, but I haven’t made the final decisions yet.

A couple things I really want to do more of this month, is network more through social media and other blogs, and do some more guest posting.

I have an eBook in the making as well that will hopefully be done by April, once that is complete I will be starting a special project that will hopefully advantage me and you!

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