Top 5 Places to Work Online and Make Money

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money online.

All of these ways are derivatives of two basic ways, which are selling your own products & services, and selling other people’s products & services. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and I personally do a little of both. Today’s post is basically to show you a few of my favorite places to work online. I do offer web services and have my own websites to make money as well, but now we will focus on other places I go to make even more money.

Here are the top five places I do a lot of my online work:

1) Microworkers (Paid To Do Short Tasks)

This is a place to make a little bit of money quick. You get paid to do random tasks online like tweeting, blogging, reviewing, signing up, etc. This isn’t a place where you will make a fortune, but you can make an extra $50-$100 a month if you complete most of the tasks available to you. The great thing about Micro Workers is that most of the tasks take between 1 minute and 10 minutes to complete so it’s easy to accumulate cash and you can do it during slow times or when you take a break from your regular activities.

2) Fiverr (Create Five Dollar Gigs)

Fiverr is the marketplace for $5 gigs, basically you get to list things you would do for $5. It’s free to join and list, they get a $1 commission on each one of your sales, so you pocket $4 for each gig you sell. Gigs range from social marketing, web design, audio and video services, to even more complex things, some even weird. If you can find a good balance between a solid gig people will want to pay five bucks for and the amount of time it takes you to do the gig, then you can make some decent cash here.

3) Social Media (Paid to Tweet, Share on Facebook)

You can find people to pay you to tweet to your Twitter followers or share with your Facebook friends, or even easier than that you can just tweet and share affiliate links to different products and collect a commission on each sale. Usually you want to find products that you think your friends or followers will be interested in. The best ways to find affiliate links to make money is to search for stores or e-commerce websites selling items in your field of interest and see if they have an affiliate program. If you want you can join a general affiliate network that gives you access to thousands of different products like Commission Junction, eBay Partner Network, Amazon Associates, e-Junkie or ClickBank to name a few. You can use this on other social networks also, but Twitter and Facebook are the easiest and largest to use.

4) Freelancing (Find Paid Online Work Fast)

If ever you need to find work fast, you’ll want to turn to a freelancing marketplace, where you can literally find thousand of shorts, medium and long term jobs or tasks for you to do and get paid for, from simple data entry to more complex programming jobs, you can find it all. The two major marketplaces for freelancers are eLance and Freelancer. Both have thousands of jobs posted, you pick the ones you like and decide how much you want to charge, and then hope you are the picked freelancer to do the work.

5) Write Articles (Get Paid For Your Writing Skills)

There are hundreds of websites that will pay for your articles, short or long, about anything. What is great about this, is you can write about anything you want, you get paid to write about things of interest to you. Of course the more popular your articles are the more you will get paid, most places will either share the ads publish on your work or share the sale of your work for publishing purposes. The four places I usually write for are eZineArticles, HubPages, Squidoo and Triond.

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