Jamie Northrup's Daily Tasks Twitter Checklist

I must admit that when I first started using Twitter back in the day, I didn’t use it properly at all, but over the years I’ve learned quite a few things. I’ve decided to share my daily checklist of my Twitter tasks.

These tips, or as I call them My Twitter Daily Tasks, aren’t necessarily for everyone or every brand. Use your judgment to adjust them so they can work for you. Feel free to share your thoughts and extra tips in the comments.

Jamie’s Daily Tasks Twitter Checklist

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– Answer a Question

It’s not only first on the list because I placed them in alphabetical order, but because it’s the most important. Find people in need, help them, and they will be thankful. The more you do this the more people that will remember your name and chances are they will either become a follower, friend, client or all three!

– Answer your Direct Messages

This seems obvious, but many people don’t do this, Twitter direct messaging is used by very little people, I have to admit until I took a habit of doing it, I never used it also. It’s a great way to welcome new followers, and if someone messages you, even if it’s spam, take the time to answer them with your information, including a link to your website or post of course.

– Answer your Replies

This is basic, if you don’t answer the people that write to you or mention you, then you can forget everything else. To be successful on Twitter you need to participate.

– Ask a Question

If you really need help with something specific than ask your followers, if there is nothing specific, ask them something like which of your posts did they prefer, or what you should post next.

– Check the Trending Topics

You won’t always find something to say, but more times than not, you can use one of the trending topics to say something funny, serious or related to your website or company.

– Find Someone New to Follow

This is a tip someone once told me (I forget who, sorry) and it’s been very rewarding for me, every day I try and find one new user who is either of interest to me personally or to my field, in some cases both.

– Organize the People you Follow

Unless you’re a celebrity, there’s no excuse to have 5000 followers and only follow 10 people, you should be following a decent amount of people, I follow over 1000, and keep them organized in lists so I can easily find what I’m looking for when I need to.

– Recommend a User

It’s all about connecting people, and there’s nothing more social than presenting someone to someone else, it works at a bar, a party, a corporate event, so why not on Twitter? The person you recommend will be thankful and may even return the favor.

– ReTweet Someone Else’s Tweet

Just like recommending a user, retweeting them is a good way to show appreciation, but even more so gives your followers more content to digest, make sure it’s related to your field and everyone wins.

– Start a Conversation

Don’t be afraid to insert yourself into an ongoing conversation, or start one with someone you don’t know, even if you don’t follow them, just try searching for a topic you want to talk about. Again the more social you are the more rewarding it will be.

– Tweet an Affiliate Link

This is the first of three promotional tweets I do each day, I find a product that I think my followers will enjoy, and that is important, if you tweet bad products or unrelated ones you will lose credibility, so it’s important to do this right.

– Tweet an Old Post

This is the second promotional tweet, which is basically promoting something old of yours, it’s always good to keep bringing people back to older posts, specially if they still apply as much today as they did when they were first posted. You can even combine this and the “Ask a Question” task by asking if your post is still as valid today as it once was.

– Tweet Without a Link

It can be a joke, a quote, a thought or anything else that you want, but tweet something with no link in it. This could start a conversation or get you noticed.

– Tweet your Latest Post

This is the most obvious one, and a lot of times it’s done automatically by a plug-in you can have on your blog, or by Feedburner if you use that. If not then you can do it manually, try and make your title intriguing without disappointing once someone clicks through to read the rest of the article, and make sure to leave enough characters for someone to retweet it!

Download the PDF Version

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