Top 10 WordPress Themes from January 2012

In 2011, I did five posts showcasing the top 10 WordPress themes from each month, which isn’t bad compared to the three I did in 2010, but for 2012, I want to do one each month, so today I start with the top 10 WordPress theme from January 2012.
The best part of using WordPress for my projects and my clients projects, is that I can change the look and feel of a website at any time in a matter of minutes. This is great because a lot of my customers want to change the look of their website every year or two, I usually refer them to my website to go through these themes, or recommend specific WordPress themes that meet their needs.
If you think you have better ones that were released in January 2012, let me see them in the comments!

Here are my top 10 WordPress themes from January 2012

1 ) Di’verso – A Flexible WordPress Theme (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Diverso A Flexible WordPress Theme

2 ) Angular – Responsive Portfolio (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Angular - Responsive Portfolio

3 ) City Business Corporate – 11 in 1 WordPress (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

City Business Corporate - 11 in 1 (WordPress)

4 ) Construct, a Responsive WordPress Blog/Folio Theme (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Construct, a Responsive WordPress Blog/Folio Theme

5 ) UX – User First (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

UX - User First

6 ) EMPIRE – Elegant WordPress Theme (Cost: $30) Demo / Purchase

EMPIRE - Elegant WordPress Theme

7 ) Domena – Domain For Sale Template (Cost: $20) Demo / Purchase

Domena - Domain For Sale Template

8 ) Reach – Business Portfolio WordPress Theme (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Reach - Business Portfolio WordPress Theme

9 ) XO – Responsive Creative WordPress Theme (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

XO - Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

10 ) Modernize – Flexibility of WordPress (Cost: $35) Demo / Purchase

Modernize - Flexibility of WordPress

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