Working Online Needs an Organized Schedule

Being a web worker means I have to manage my own time, and have to do it carefully so that I can be as efficient as possible.

Your schedule should be molded around you, for example, if you are a morning person you should pen your tougher tasks in the early portion of your schedule, or if you’re like me who does his best work under pressure, then schedule a lot of tasks in a short period of time, but not too much that it’s impossible. I usually put in a lot in before lunch, so I rush to get it all done before I go for lunch and if I’m late I can cut 10-15 minutes out of my lunch to catch up, but not too much!

It’s really important not to forget to schedule things that aren’t work related also, because if you don’t you’ll probably end up giving up on your schedule because you will feel trapped, bored, or overwhelmed!

Here are some of the items that aren’t work related to schedule:


  • Sleep
  • Hobbies
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Friends & Family
  • Time Alone


I also try and have a list of “random” tasks, and what I mean by that is tasks that don’t need to be done, but can be in special situations, for example I have a list of things I can do from my BlackBerry while I’m waiting for different things (like in a line up, in traffic if I’m not driving, etc). I also have a list of tasks I can do from a PC that I do if I’m ahead of schedule and have time to fit in some extra stuff. Usually these items are research or marketing related, since you can never have enough of both.

[blue]To get an idea on how your schedule should be done, I would write down all the tasks for a day or week that you want to do, and then print a sheet separating the day or week into time slots and fit them in how you think they should go and for the approximate time you think it will take you, and try it out. This way you can make changes as you go until you get the perfect combination for you.[/blue]

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